Saturday, June 28, 2008

Be careful where you pee!!

Serondela again. This is not my story, but one that did the rounds in Botswana in 1998/9. When camping at Serondela it was customary for the guides to warn guests that lions and elephants came into camp at night, and that nobody should walk all the way to the bathrooms in the night.

The drill was, simply slip out of your tent and have a good look around, then slowly move around the back of the tent and have a quick pee right there. We would explain that here in this camp any form of shyness about peeing had to be forgotten in order to keep you alive!

Well the story goes, a guide, his camp assistant and the guests on the trip had finished their dinner. One of the guests on the trip was a slightly larger lady traveling with her husband, Germans I think? All the guests went off to bed after the 'pee to stay alive' lecture from the guide. The guide and camp assistant stayed up to wash the dishes for a while. There were also many Hyenas around the camp and this night while washing dishes the Hyenas were around the back of the camp. The guide made a point of being careful to store the left overs in the trailer so as not to attract the Hyenas. He went to bed a bit worried that the Hyenas would get into the food or carry off a pot. They can bit into ANYTHING.

The guide awoke to a sound around the tent. Something was moving between his tent and the next one. He reasoned that this was a chance to give the Hyena a bit of a fright and got back on his bed-role and, lying on his back, booted the Hyena with both his legs.

There was a big howling noise......but not the right one. Not the Hyena. The German lady had got out of her tent, and scared to go all the way around, had decided to pee between her tent and the guides. When she squatted down she scratched the guides tent...AND GOT BOOTED, PANTS DOWN, ONTO HER OWN TENT.


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